We Are HFS

We’re people like you who believe that joy and fitness can be combined.  At HFS CITY you get the greatest workout exercise in a fun and safe way.  Learn how to navigate obstacles by climbing, jumping, running, rolling and then enjoy diving into pools of soft foam cubes as you practice flipping.  You can challenge yourself on the Ninja course and experience the thrill of completing each obstacle.

We also provide an exciting alternative for birthday parties and private events. Watch your kids safely play while socializing with other parents or bring all the guys and girls to run and then kick back in a cabana setting.

We are dedicated to your fun, safety, and learning.  Join a class and gain more skills and techniques in a relaxed environment with peers.  Experience fun, play and fitness today!

Thank you for choosing HFS City, Port Richmond, PA – The Ninja & Parkour Park.  We would love to hear from you.  Please click the button below to send us your questions and one of our HFS Staff will get right back to you. For immediate assistance or general inquiries please phone: 800-881-2285.


Port Richmond 2829 Cedar Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134


HFS City is designed for everyone, and we want to make sure you run safe. We ask that you become familiar with and abide by the rules below. Remember, stay in your comfort zone! DO NOT ATTEMPT any activity, flip, jump or trick you don’t think you can handle. Flips or other tricks can be dangerous … perform at your own risk.  HFS City Team Members help ensure that rules and regulations are followed. Runners should not engage in activities without a Team Member present. Here are the rules to fly by:

**Everyone that enters the HFS City Park Areas must have completed a valid and signed waiver. Those under 18 must have it signed/completed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.**


  • remove street shoes / wear clean running shoes.
  • empty your pockets entirely.
  • remain in your level areas.
  • look out for other runners in movement.
  • be in control of your body at all times.
  • perform at your own risk. Flips and other tricks can be dangerous.
  • be aware of those around you and run with people that are of similar age/size.
  • master the fundamentals of running before moving onto more advanced skills, such as high precisions or flipping type skills.
  • follow all park rules and the monitor’s instructions.


  • wear wet clothes.
  • have anything in your mouth (gum, candy, etc.).
  • climb anything not inside the activity area.
  • climb on the ceiling beams or building walls.
  • run to affect another runner’s line in any way.
  • push, tackle, race, or engage in horseplay of any kind.
  • sit or lie on the park activity area. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the activity area.
  • attempt any skill or activity outside of your personal limitations, abilities or skill level.
  • run if you have health limitations, are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or if you are pregnant.

Failure to adhere to any of these or other rules at HFS City can/will result in the loss of your run time. Thank you for always following our safety guidelines. We want you to have fun because your safety is our number one priority!




Everyone who is going to run at HFS City Indoor Park must complete a valid waiver.  If a runner is under the age of 18, their waiver must be completed and signed by their parent or legal guardian. Waivers for birthdays and group reservations will be coordinated by your event planner. Once a HFS City waiver has been entered into the POS system, runners do not need to sign another waiver, unless there is a change in guardianship or change in age, (turned 18).

For inquiries please phone: 800-881-2285.


Port Richmond 2829 Cedar Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134