The Ninja obstacles you’ve talked about and dreamed about trying are here.  The course will test your strength, endurance, and ability to hold on until the end. Are you ready ninjas!   We now offer classes for students ages 4 – 16 and also for adults.  We will help you condition your body to push beyond what you may think is possible.  It is a fun way to challenge your body and mind.

Dodgeball anyone?   Brand new trampoline dodgeball court at HFS City.  Great fun with family and friends.  You can jus bounce or play a game.  Perfect for a birthday party or corporate event and the many benefits of this activity is amazing.  With every bounce your smile gets bigger, and in the end you find that it was some much better that running on a treadmill.

So you’ve just signed up for an outdoor obstacle run and have no where to train…  Well, we have the obstacles you’ll face at the race.  Build up your endurance for the rings and hanging obstacles.  Learn the techniques to get over those huge and challenging walls.  Most important, you’ll be doing this in the clean and comfortable indoor obstacle park at HFS City… the mud can wait.

The layout of the structures to allow for amazing creativity and flow.  If you are a beginner, this park will be inviting and your feelings of apprehension will fade as you begin your parkour journey. Parkour builds confidence, strength, and enhances intuition.  We offer classes for students ages 4 -16 and also for adults.  Join an open run and let your inner child be free.